1. People who declare themselves non-bisexuals have a preference for only one of the two types of genitalia, and some specific body features.
    2. According to the new age left, all genders can have any type of genitalia and body features.
    Ergo: whatever you like, you like all genders.
    You pervs! ^_^

To my fellow pansexual above:
I am happy for you, can I be happy for being what I am?
When I fell in love with a person that meets my physical preference for vaginas and titties, it can be a person of any gender, according to your own philosophy. If I reject a person for not having my favorite set of body-features, it can be a person of any gender, isn’t it? So don’t hate me because you’re just like me, and I’m just like you, if you lobotomize me.

To be continued?
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