DISCLAIMER: I am sorry if this article insults your intelligence, if that’s the case, this is not aimed at you, it’s aimed to help you in conversations, since society is dominated by people who need these clarifications. Not sure if the final target audience will comprehend this, but I’m doing my best.

I’ve just been outside, the climate… the climate is gone!!!

The first historical instance of “climate denial, by Silviu “Silview” Costinescu

There you go, that’s what “climate denial” means, if you’re using English as a code for your communication. And no one has ever done it before me in the history of humanity! I did it only jokingly. There exist no climate deniers since no one has ever denied climate.
If you have ever used this buzzword before, it’s only because you’re intellectually dysfunctional. 50 years ago, you would’ve flunked 2nd grade for not being able to use correctly such basic vocabulary.

If you were thinking of people who deny the climate change, those are called “climate change deniers” in English. It’s a completely different group, since they’re denying different things. That’s if you operate the formal distinction between “climate” and “change”, but climate is change, factually, it’s anything but constant.
However, there has always existed a small and fringe group of people who denied climate change of any sort. Note that in English “fringe” doesn’t mean “wrong”, they’re just not representative for large populations. If you were thinking of them, correct your English accordingly, please!

Lastly, but most importantly, quantitatively and scientifically, there’s the large mass of “climate change official narrative deniers“, people who deny establishment’s official story about the climate.
And that’s the third and most important group you need to be aware of and understand what they do.
But frankly, if you needed these clarifications, you seriously need professional help with your cognitive functions, not my blog posts. I mean it clinically, not mockingly.

Later edit: unsurprisingly, in the first couple of days since publishing, among the few negative comments this article got on social media, the most frequent theme is:
“I don’t get it, therefore you’re a stupid troll!”.

There is a scientist character in ‘The Walking Dead”, obsessed with turning zombies back, he wouldn’t ever give up, despite a long history of constant failures. Can we turn a functional illiterate and make him get it?
Help us find out, here’s a fun challenge:
Make the least wordy and the most visual version of my meme below, something a goldfish can understand. Then let’s each compare goldfish with gretards and the rest of menagerie that survives at the bottom of the human intelligence pit, based on their direct feedback. My money is on goldfish.

Can you make this better and reach a functional illiterate’s mind?

To be continued?
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