The Trump x Covid-19 announcement explained the day before

It’s all in the meme that stands as cover for this post. We published it on some socials a bit over 24h before Trump’s latest endorsement of Covidiocracy aka The Big Reset. No, this is not gonna be one of those long intricate investigations, that’s all there is to it. I could develop a bit, but honestly, if you don’t pick it up from the meme, you won’t pick it up from the meme explanations. I’m going to leave a few more hints below, though.

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Everyone is up in arms about Fauci, no one asked about this Fauci+Gates wannabe anointed by Kushner with Trump’s hands:

Trump’s new Moroccan “vaccine czar”: worked for Bill Gates, Google, GSK. Worked in China. Transhumanist. Lockdown fanatic

Exclusive: Gates, Fauci and Slaoui have long been cooking and selling scandalous vaccines together. It’s a cartel
[Exclusive] Final Evidence Covid-19 Is A ‘SimEx’ – Planned Simulation Exercise by WHO and World Bank


When we felt most badass, someone pulled our sleeve: there’s a demi-god on the webs! We know nothing more as of now, except that he’s a very militant Trump-hater. The only question: prediction or pre-science? Either way, as spectacular as logical, it’s the details that are very striking. Ours was an anticipation based on following trends and joining dots:

To be continued?
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