WHO: “3 suicides/2 min. Wow, huge business opportunity everyone!”

This just happened. And much more. As we’ve warned you since March, but people thought WHO can take better care of them. OK then…

It’s World Mental Health Day!
-Close to 1 billion people have a mental disorder
-Depression is a leading cause of illness & disability
-1 person dies every 40 seconds from suicide
-3 million people die every year due to harmful use of 🍻#MoveForMentalHealth: Let’s invest!


Meanwhile at CDC:

How did we end up here:

Me, March 2020:

The caring people: meh

Everyone in April:


The caring people: meh

And so forth gradually building up until The Daily Telegraph and Sky News Australia ended up talking about “harrowing statistics” today:


“Very sadly, more boys under the age of 18 in nine-months alone, than we’ve ever seen in Victoria over a full 12-month period have taken their life this year,”

Sky News

Per coincidence as ever, the suicide rates among Victoria’s teenagers are up over 30% this year, just like among US Army soldiers. I wonder what they had in common, right?

Army active-duty suicides are up 30% during the same time frame as COVID-19.

ABC News, October 2020

The caring people: meh

These “meh people” are the same ones who loudly and aggressively act as if they are entitled to free heaith care (mask-wearing) from their victims. How about some warm flegm instead?

To be continued?
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