Raul Coltor is actually quite famous among Romanians like myself, mainly for his active and fierce dissidence against the system and the local deep state. I’m very happy he managed to find a way around the judiciary muzzles put on him by the Romanian Government and he spoke out taking on the international deep state.

No journalist can sanely say he fully fact-checked the former Romanian Military Counter-Intelligence (CI) operative Raul Coltor. He worked alone in many of his missions, only he knows what he knows. However, it’s “settled science” that he is who he claims to be and did the kind of things he claims he did.
All I can vouch for is that everything he says corroborates with everything I know on the matter, which is quite a bit, being a Romania-born investigative journalist myself.
I’d love more info on some parts too, but it’s hard to ask for more now and, all in all, it’s criminal to ignore the alarm he sounded in this brand new interview we’ve been asking him for long time. Eventually, through an NGO which we very much need to thank, Civic Association “Dreptatea” (“Justice”) the international public can have now access to his intel. More to come, hopefully.
The translation is visibly altered by myself because the original one was not done by someone qualified to do it, it was the best option the Romanian whistle-blowers had available at the time and timing is key now

UPDATE: Follow-up interview:

To be continued?
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