DAVOS 2021: The Great Reset is the Greatest Reject. The people have spoken

At Davos 2021, the amount of inane drivel and gaslighting in technocratic language is as insane as the participants. No one should be forced to go through all that utter garbage, so I didn’t force myself too much. This is a collection of brief notes and take outs from Digital Davos 2021, that I made for myself and I’m sharing with anyone who cares.

Davos 2021 is a fraud like everything they stand for:

Day 1
After deleting almost all opposition and Joe Biden’s dislikes, now Youtube deletes comments and dislikes on the WEF Channel.
They’re getting destroyed anyway, so they are starting to close the comments. They can’t keep up with the dislikes though.

Most crap is pre-recorded, not live.

The Great Reset as a brand is dead, they admit it in the new presentation video. You’re welcome.
The video is opened by the World Bank president, by the way.
The brand is dead, but the agenda lives on, with a few adjustments.

Just look at these fucking clowns becoming cartoons because they only sell to retards!

Their top priority seems to be taking over cryptocurrencies now, so they’ll get that done soon. The only reliable useful information that came out from this meeting so far.

Day 2
ReGreta is back with the Climate-19 expertise, as Climate is their other top priority market for this year. 30 seconds into her speech and my stomach wanted out.

Challenge! 🥋 Find positive comments on ReGreta Dumborg’s video for #Davos2021! We scrolled up to 800

Also this horror:

I haven’t seen them yet, but since the organization also includes Bill Gates and Bono, is safe to say this is the Coalition of the Most Hated.
So no wonder what happened next:

Day 3
Today I went through the comments on Greta’s Youtube video for Davos 2021, because someone told me they gave up on moderation and there’s no positive feedback at all. False! There still are recent complains of censorship and I found 11 positive comments. Out of 770. I recorded them all on video, soon to be released. Until then…

The stock market chaos is us too. The Twitter stock crash and this popular market insurrection changed the world forever, this is just the spark.

Aaaand here he is, and this is what Climate-19 is all about:

Interestingly, the only one who came out even is Putin. Even as his negative/positive comments ratio, whereas everyone else has a 7-12 negative comments for each positive ones.

Final conclusions:

  1. Davos 2021 is an absolute disaster in terms of public image for WEF. The people have spoken unanimously, The Great Reset has been met with a Greater Reject, it has no chance to come to fruition, and the elites are literally too stupid to pull out timely. This spells total disaster for everyone, all because this bunch of psycho-dumbasses got their hands on too much power and money
  2. The elites are completely disconnected from the realities of human race, intellectually and emotionally, everything they say sounds as dictated by an artificial intelligence that has known us only from tv
  3. I tried hard to watch most of their videos so you don’t have to. I failed, it’s just utter garbage and fear porn, the few clues they give you about the future are not worth the time. They have NOTHING to offer to make their scam attractive.
  4. Watch out for their coming assault on cryptos

I will continue to add significant information here if any, but this is the end of this story.
Told them before they even started:

To be continued?
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