Let’s take everything from the #WEF members and study their happiness #TheGreatReset done right

I mean it. Here’s how:

Internalize the realization that the longer this crisis goes, the shorter and unhappier our lives will be and most people are already on the edge, many crossed the edge already. We needed to push yesterday, but ok, we didn’t and we’re here now, let’s do it now!

CLICK HERE to find the list of World Economic Forum members.

You will find all Western covid vaccines manufacturers on the market right now.

Defund, deride and dismantle these genocidal cartels by any means available. There’s plenty of efficient legal means to sink them, no need to get the establishment’s hoodlums on your back by pushing the law.

You can cancel many of them simply by voting with your dollars and your (lack of) positive attention.
Yeah, nothing more revolutionary than doing things right out of your own conscience!

Spread this message / video, download, reupload, make your own, it doesn’t matter.

Wherever you see these dipshits on internet, downvote them, block them, and drop them the headline of this article in a comment.
Attention! Don’t use other hashtags that can be censored, blacking out all our effort in bulk, these hashtags are theirs, they are secure and the best vehicle for the message.
On platforms like Facebook and Youtube most comments containing un-friendly links are censored, so there maybe it works better without a link, maybe you can upload the cover photo or the video instead.

Teach others the power and the utmost importance of this boycott, while we can still choose what we do with our resources and attention! It’s one of our last and most powerful weapons.


If I get any more good ideas along this line, I’ll update this article. For now I’m ruminating on a Logo / T-Shirt design for this, suggestions welcome on my socials, see the links tab in the upper menu of this website, thank you!

To be continued?
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