“The World engaged in the largest vaccine trial ever” – Australian Health Minister. Who consented?!!

I have a feeling most of the World will be surprised to find out it was enrolled without informed consent in a vaccine trial

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt has spilled the beans recently on live TV, for millions to hear, but when the mind is blind, you need to wait until the clip reaches some Romanian researcher stranded in Morocco, or something. Luckily the Internet can make this possible and here we are, maybe more people “click” now.

Normally, I avoid posting this type of sound-bites here without a consistent context, but I think this one deserves an exceptions because it speaks volumes in seconds and doesn’t really require much more context than I’ve already added.

Worth mentioning that, according to the ethical principles of clinical research, trial subjects for experimental medical treatments cannot be blood or organ donors.


To be continued?
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