“Empathy Doesn’t Do Us Anything” – Hillary Clinton Student Speech From 1969

This quote should be on her tombstone.
That’s why I decided to help make it more popular.

Five years ago, Wellesley College released some audio excerpts of a 21-year-old Hillary Rodham Clinton speaking at her 1969 commencement. But no seems to have picked up on this part.
The class selected Clinton as Wellesley’s first-ever student commencement speaker. Clinton discussed leadership, the political climate in the 1960s and making the art of the impossible, possible. Whatever that meant.
You can learn more about Clinton’s years as a student by visiting http://www.wellesley.edu.

Seeing her following career achievements and her adoration speeches for people like Margaret Sanger, I’d say she kept the course and this was a more honest moment of her life.

Some people just don’t feel people feelings.

To be continued?
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