Simple trick they use to hide dead vaxxers in the unvaxxed cemetery

You can get your third booster today, legally you’re still filed unvaxxed two more weeks.
In this interval they can roll a new booster and downgrade you back to unvaxxed.
Whatever happens to you in the months between these boosters goes in the unvaccinated statistics. And if they keep the pace, you can have an unlimited number of shots without ever officially appearing in vaccinated stats and files.
It’s a perfect crime, but only as long as it’s not investigated.
Now consider all the random deaths falsely labeled as covid deaths in 2020-2021, and flu and pneumonia almost disappearing.
These are two years of vital health statistics rendered useless. And that impacts all the larger studies that include these years. Imagine you started a five years study in 2016-2019 in which flu stats are paramount. Buh-bye study!

Medicine has been fatally compromised and we have to start a new one almost from scratch.

To be continued?
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