A bunch of missed information about Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker’s resignation from CNN comes packaged in a Santa Claus-level official narrative. Here are a few interesting details to consider when guessing the real scenario.

Everyone knew of Zucker’s ‘secret relationship’ even before the divorce, there’s reports of their fights in 2017 media, that’s a non-disclosure, that’s a weak pretext, especially by CNN’s moral standards.

However, as a fallout from that relationship and the Cuomo events, some of his greatest enemies must be his former wife, Caryn, the Cuomo clan and Trump..
And they all have more interesting things in common that can be leveraged against a former partner.

That time when Jeff Zucker offered CNN’s electoral services to Trump

They haven’t always been at each other’s throat, you know…

Trump Gave $150,000 To Charity That CNN Head’s Wife Helped Lead

“The donations were for the private school that Trump’s son attends. The candidate and the media mogul have not publicly disclosed the connection.”


And it’s good to remember they have a history of collaboration in theatrics and faking competitions and scandals.

Trump and former CNN President Zucker’s long, profitable history

While former President Donald Trump and former CNN President Jeff Zucker may be at odds today when it comes to “fake news,” the pair have benefited from each other for years.

Trump applauded Zucker’s Wednesday decision to resign over having an undisclosed relationship with a fellow executive, declaring it a chance to “put Fake News in the backseat.”

“Jeff Zucker, a world-class sleazebag who has headed ratings and real-news-challenged CNN for far too long, has been terminated for numerous reasons, but predominantly because CNN has lost its way with viewers and everybody else,” Trump said in a statement on Wednesday. However, Trump ignores how Zucker gave him his big shot at television stardom and the integral role Zucker had in making him the president.

Zucker served as the president of NBC Entertainment, which oversaw NBC and its media divisions, beginning in 2000. This included signing Trump for his reality show, The Apprentice, which premiered in 2004. While Trump had made national headlines before, The Apprentice offered Trump name recognition nationwide.

While the CNN executive initially dismissed Trump as a “sideshow” in 2015, Zucker later changed his message and gave Trump significant coverage during the 2016 election. The network would often give considerable face time to Trump rallies, even livestreaming footage of an empty stage while Hillary Clinton spoke elsewhere. Zucker was even accused of giving Trump an excessive amount of face time on CNN, a decision that drew ire from other candidates’ aides, reported the New York Times.

When asked about his approach to covering politicians like Trump, Zucker compared the coverage to ESPN’s sports coverage. “The idea that politics is sport is undeniable, and we understood that and approached it that way,” Zucker told the New York Times. That idea, mixed with the ratings gold rush of the Trump administration for CNN, meant that Trump was a source of significant profit for the news network, with record-high numbers reported during election week 2020 and on Jan. 7.


‘I Wish Her Well, frankly’

First time Ghislaine got aboard a Trump airplane, she was following her father, the notorious Mossad / KGB / MI5 spy and media tycoon Robert Maxwell 

So life’s much more complicated than Zucker’s non-disclosure. That’s for Omicron customers.

To be continued?
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