The European Union you know from TV doesn’t exist, has never existed.

Did ye ask the US if they did it? Or have ye become so subservient that ye dare not ask?” –Irish Member of the European Parliament Mick Wallace was setting the records straight about Nordstream2 exactly and precisely as I was writing the piece below…

European Union was a weird hybrid concept car built around Germany as engine, with UK foras wheel, and I’m not sure what France is supposed to be, looks more like a glove compartment, but sometimes acts as brake.

But UK left and I bet my ass it’s because they had inside intel on the impeding Euro-crash, so they didn’t want to stick around and go down with EU or be blamed for it.
Nowadays, many blame Brexit for UK’s record- low economic performance lately, but it has little to do, and wait just a bit to witness the remainer countries getting mushed into war mud until dissolution, followed by some demented Build Back Better / Marshall Plan.
Yeah, some mega-corporations will turn mega-profits which will boost some GDPs a bit, on paper only, but the plebs won’t benefit any of that, they will only sponsor it with the quality and the span of their lives.

So after Brexit, Germany took the wheel too, and France still not sure what position they play, besides Rothschild residence and winery. Sometimes reminds of the storage in a family-owned SUV, other times looks like a special school bus…

But “Germany uber alles” is over since the first American boots hit German ground.

Ask yourselves…

When did the US occupation army leave Germany after WW2?

No clue?
Then you are correct:

They’ve never left!

Note: when I say “US” you should read “The Anglosphere under the Judeo-British Crown”, US is just the flagship.

Under the table Germany has been rubbing legs with Russia for cheap energy, and over the table they’ve always been an American proxy, after WW2.

“Germans being Germans…”

UK played a similar game too when it was aboard.

Which puts US at the helms of EU.

That’s not the only thing that makes EU an American caliphate, just a main and sufficient argument.

It’s very safe to say America and Russia shared control over Europe through Germany (plus its backyard called Austria), and US got tired of the situation because it needs Europe all for themselves, to pillage it hard and drink its blood in order to rejuvenate a decrepit and inbred organism in decay.

Some analysts rightfully said US is not at war with Russia, but with the competing EU economy.
I’d tune that a notch: US has started a blood transfusion from European veins. The wars are just how they explain it to plebs.

Europe is so diverse there can be no serious respectable talk of common European spirit, cultural identity, spirituality or anything, they barely sustain a common arena for political and mostly economic decisions.

So we’re dealing with a large economic structure lead by US and comprised of all its European acolytes and colonies. Reminds you of anything?

It reminds me of NATO. An economic NATO, Murican/British troops under various flags.

False flags everywhere.

Remember when Trump said Europe needs to pay its fair share to NATO?
Extrapolate that to EU now. The payments are rolling.

Same way they’re slaughtering Ukrainians for American interests, they have no problem sacrificing EU citizens, and EU was engineered in the Anglo-Judeo-sphere exactly to facilitate that when needed.

Don’t trust this, research it!


Not because of the loss of lives it can cause, rather for the threat it poses to its hegemony.
So mow it makes its own communazis to work with.
2015: The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Stratfor founder and CEO George Friedman present a discussion on the emerging crisis in Europe. Europe has inherent flashpoints smoldering beneath the surface which are destined to erupt again, including half a dozen locations, borderlands, and cultural dynamics that have the potential to upend Europe as we know it, says Friedman. He identifies the flashpoints and discusses how can we prepare.

To be continued?
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