MUST SEE: The Bush Administration’s Response to the International Criminal Court

Very little scholarship has looked systematically at the Bush administration’s behavior with relation to the ICC. 1 This Article attempts to fill that gap. I first examine relevant events prior to President Bush’s inauguration, then present a chronology of events during the first two years of his administration.
Following this factual discussion, I analyze U.S. objectives related to the ICC and argue that the Bush administration has pursued these objectives with aggressive unilateralism.

Jean Galbraith
University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

Former U.N. Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix gained notoriety 20 years ago when he contradicted President George W. Bush’s claims about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. He asked for more time to find those weapons, Bush instead invaded Iraq. 20 years later, this happened:

Hey, ICC! “Bush should have faced war crimes court over Iraq invasion ” says UN inspector

I rest my case.

To be continued?
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