Sorry it took so long, I was waiting to see who else does The Noticing.
Everyone noticed the many absentees, the empty seats and the general nervous vibe at Davos 2023, reeking of desperation.
I don’t know anyone who noticed something that seems way more striking to me (I’m sure there are more people, but they aren’t on my radar) .

Not one peep at Davos 2023 about the most recognizable brands emanated from ( as opposed to “recruited by”) the WEF!

Let me repeat that:

You haven’t heard one single mention of The Great Reset and Build Back Better at Davos 2023.
(Some of you think BBB is Biden’s buzzword, but Schwab’s team came up with it, Trudeau, BoJo and even Modi uttered it many times before Biden ever heard of it.)

This is your brand on WEF. Whether personal or corporate.

Meanwhile, Davos 2023 hosted several panels about independent media and opposing influencers, plus countless more mentions in other discussions.

One Alex Jones video still gets more real and organic eyeballs than all Davos 2023 videos summed up.

This is your brand’s future with us.

How come?

You see, societal cancer obeys the same laws as body cancer:

#0 Cancer is suicidal by nature, success only nears it to self-extinction, while healthy organism define success as expansion their lifespan, not size. Size only matters when it helps expanding the lifespan and the quality of that life.
Schwab spends half his resources on life-expanding technologies, and the other half on acting as a cancer. That’s self-cancelling.

#1 The most expansive cancer disappears first. One way or another.

#2 Least resilient cancer goes second, healing still takes longer than #0

#3 Most benign cancer can go around for decades, sometimes without even being detected.

This is why most of you faired well before hooking up with the WEF and you will soon disappear after the WEF.
“Pufff!” you go like The Great Reset.

My bet is Davos 2024 won’t be anything like the others, if at all.

Now you can’t say no one did the thinking for you.

Heal yourselves, join the healthy resistance!

Pro tip: Start by considering if Schwab’s mechanicist view of the world isn’t a bit (read “a hell lot”) dumb and primitive. As in “the polar opposite of genius”.

I don’t make these rules.

Mother Nature makes laws, people make wishes.


2023 Attendees AT Davos

To be continued?
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Censorship is what happens when people with greater powers than others go from saying “I hate this speech!” to factually suppressing that speech.
Censorship IS hate speech enacted. Institutionally.
Institutional hate that breeds more hate.
And institutions follow an agenda. So there is a hate agenda.

Censorship has never protected anyone from hate. If only hate was just about speech!
Censorship actually exacerbates hate through frustration. Most ideologically motivated mass shooters were deeply frustrated that their message was suppressed, and they killed people as a way to make themselves heard, among others.

In establishment’s propaganda, “hate speech” has become speech hated by the powers that be. Stalin and all communist dictators were branding any opponent “enemy of the people” and any dissenting speech as “subversive”. Replace that with the more contemporary “conspiracy theorist / terrorist” and “hate speech”, see if it reminds you of anyone.

Censorship means we are paying people to take away our speech and our vision. Collectively, censorship doesn’t happen TO us from an entirely external source. Censorship happens usually when a society abandons itself and the fight for freedom because it’s been bought up with more comfort or, more often, with promises of comfort. And, eventually, that comfort always proves to be less preferable than the comfort of liberty.

So censorship doesn’t really protect the people, but, in almost every instance, it has protected powerful and corrupt people from truth. Even the hate that it breeds fits a control agenda, because it’s divisive and it distracts us from lies, corruption and systemic failures. It robs us of messages of love and help from other people, when they go against the censor’s agenda .
It’s just another typical situation of problem sold as a solution to itself. Logical hocus-pocus. That’s why they don’t properly teach logic in schools.

There is no way in which censorship can be beneficial, neither to the censored OR the censor. The latter always ends up suffering a form of strong backlash, because the energies it tries to suppress always find a way through, energy doesn’t disappear, doesn’t stay locked forever, it always transforms and manifests.

There’s no way censorship works for us, but there’s a million ways it can go against us.

Fight censorship simply by not participating in it and not collaborating with censors!

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! My articles can always be subject of later editing as a way of perfecting them