Started 19th of May 2020
Protesting the terrorism, abuses and looting disguised as Covid-19 policies.
For physical body sovereignty and personal consent.

I write this as prisoner of Moroccan government in Agadir Morocco.
Very interestingly, this is the hometown of US’ “Vaccine Czar” Moncef Slaoui, a character that seals the fate of many people these days, in US, in Morocco, likely even in my home-country Romania, a US colony under the EU flag.

1. Freedom
2. No one touches me or alters my body or my mind without my consent, in any circumstances, ever.
3. I need a place to live outside the influence of any government, all intrinsically corrupt and violent power structures.

I have a birthday to celebrate on June 23rd, I will do it in a state of freedom and independence from these aggressive psychos, with or without any participation. As the notion of consent has been nullified in this Covid World Order.

I don’t demand anyone to solve my problems, I demand some problems to remove themselves from my life as I’ve never invited them. These problems have names and many addresses.
I have no problems besides foreign intervention in my life and I demand these problem-people to remove themselves from my life or point out where can I live decently without their influence in my life. Otherwise there’s no point in living.

I don’t expect any reasonable feedback from the sociopaths that broke the world, but if humanity cannot solve this minimal list of problems for itself and me as part of itself, then humanity is WAY more hopeless than I am.

Morocco’s rulers, like any other, think of people as assets. I don’t mind what is in crazy people’s minds until they enforce it in my life, I destroy myself before I become property.

I couldn’t even announce this when I started this because they cut my internet after I published the last investigation on Covid Mafia.

After I re-established an internet connection, my laptop suddenly started to act like it wants to die, needed 4 reboots and it works like it’s 1998. The cooler sounds like a helicopter and I only have this fb window open. It never did that before, it isn’t in perfect shape, but this is something new.
Just hours after publishing the investigation on Moncef Slaoui, my traffic plummeted from an average of 5k views a day (peaking at 8-11k best days) to a little over 1k.

So it looks likely we’ll get disconnected soon, before I’m disconnecting myself from the covid world. I don’t have the energy to do much now, so buh bye if that’s the case
Whatever happens to me and to is on the hands of the #StayHome sheep enabling covid terrorism.

I don’t have any wish to wake up in this world anymore, so excuse me if I’ll be sleeping until either this nightmare world or myself are gone, we cannot co-exist.
But while I’m awake, I’m going to unleash some information and ideas for everyone to use against these terror groups, watch the updates on this site.
No doctors allowed. From here, no one touches me without consent and gets to survive. This is arranged, just try me.

This should teach elites and Pharmacunts a lesson on consent and human dignity also:
My body is a temple. It has never been state property or anyone else’s, despite their belief. I burn it to the ground before the state, Pharma or any other psychopaths touch it without my consent.
No one has ever owned my ass.

My life was pretty amazing and I don’t plan to end it any other way. My life, my way.

if you want to help

Much appreciated!
Best things you can do:
1. Give this post as much visibility as you can in any way that doesn’t harm anyone.
2. If you resonate with my demands, push them to the public agenda.
3. Involve the humanitarian NGO’s, the Covid World Order is a humanitarian crisis too, where are they?

As for your donations – no more life, no more life costs.
The few who contributed: You are amazing, you did help me get over some potentially serious bumps, thank you! I hope you don’t regret it and my work was a good reward. I’m not done yet, not at all πŸ˜‰

Best thing you can do if you have a little extra is to post this on your Facebook page (or other socials) and use the money to boost the post.
This way we both get more traction. Win-win, you know how I roll.
I’m completely shadow-banned on Facebook, I don’t roll in Instagram and Twitter… Maybe you can cover for me. Much appreciated!

Let’s rock this joint!

Update 22nd of May, 5AM. Some stomach and head pain are sneaking in, I’m going to fight it with sleep and meditation, I’m good at it. One last thought before I go back to sleep, and before they cut me off again, as a reply to some private messages:

Even to this day SARS-CoV-2 has never been truly scientifically purified/isolated and reinserted into a healthy individual who then develops the same infection. This is a basic and universally acknowledged scientific methodology that has not been followed by anyone claiming that so-called SARS-CoV-2 is actually a novel virus. Read Koch’s postulate.

This is to say most people ignore the root cause of this, which is extreme mass-lunacy, basically. you can’t fight this lunacy with facts and reason anymore. no one there to comprehend.
Even if you turn back to “normal” tomorrow (which will never ever happen), this lunacy will still be here waiting for another opportunity to put up a show.

Humanity is fucked beyond functional and that’s not gonna go away. Some braindead meatbots like #stayhomers will eventually end us anyway.
If I’m waking up in a world where I’m defenseless against these drones with bones, I’d rather not wake up and retain control over my destiny.

UPDATE: May 23rd, about 2am:
Made you a funny.

This is gonna take longer than planned, I feel very weak but still functional, learning a lot about my body. Couldn’t sleep much yesterday, low manageable pains, but Internet seems stable now (as opposed to my laptop) so I did a bit of work and had some depressing chats with the mislead ppl of the world who want to help and are as successful as the lock-downs. Having behind as much knowledge and good planning as the lock downs, I guess.
Btw, why does everyone think they have suicide line skills? Especially when they don’t

“Get up and help US! Don’t give US the pain of witnessing what we did to you” :))
Some people must never have contact with suicidal people or people doing hunger strike.

Summing up all feedback so far:
Looks like you should be worrying about you losing people like me more than I should worry about me missing the covid world order.
People never turn the coin on the other side, that’s how they get duped and covided.

Impotent emotional drivel instead of well thought efficient reaction turn a hunger strike from a weapon to a useless suicide. Useless for you, I’ll be fine compared.
And so far, this is where things go.
You can’t help people, people can’t help you.
You can’t live with people, they don’t let you live you without them.
No sanity detected

2h later: ok, one more meme :))

5h later still on a roll like I’m afraid to sleep today. But I had a lot to learn.
Such as: total asswipes like these CDC Pharmabots, supported by a bunch of #StayHome drones get to lock me up.
Bitch u cray-cray, f-off my radar!

And in the morning I wake up to this:

Read: Can isolation sabotage your immune system and promote diseases? Scientists and US Government answer a resounding β€œYES”

This above came right after this:

I feel better about myself every day. By comparison.
But internet binging was a bad idea

UPDATE May 25th: I’m completing one week, had a modest vegetarian breakfast. Not to celebrate, just to stay on course, because I still can pee standing (which I can’t say about #StayHomers), but I lost it a bit yesterday, after standing up 3-4 minutes to make a tea. Bad energy management the day before, exhausted myself pointlessly.
Lots of things happened since the last update, but the most important news is that
I found out how Bill Gates funneled money into Moroccan politics!

After a good sleep, I’ll finish a couple new articles, proper truth bombs like before. If Moroccan govt won’t bomb me first.

But all I can do for now is leave you with some proper dank meme work:

People ask of my regimen.
It’s bites. When I can’t manage the stomach ache or I need a quick energy boost I take 1 bite. I remember each of them. Over the week, besides this breakfast, which was decent, I totaled: 2 little bananas, about 100-150g of watermelon, 10-12 peanuts, one biscuit and two teaspoons of seeds. It’s actually more than I intended, but hella good for a rookie, never fasted more than 2 days.
But this was just a warm-up for everyone, not just for me. The real plot starts now, when they let the dogs out. The angry chihuahuas, that is.

UPDATE 27th of May, 6;40am
Physically ok, that breakfast 3 days ago made be buzz for two days with very little sleep, like some drugs, and that’s a big lesson on energy management and metabolism.
But today I’m very low energy, with mild pain and every drop of energy I put it in a few things I want to see finished before lights out.

This week’s target is to get under 50kg, I think I’m below 60 now, but I still look ok-ish and the general population needs some powerful emotional triggers to pay attention, since they’ve outsourced reason to “experts”. I’ll be shocking you alright.

What I’ve learned so far:
Humanity can’t help itself, it’s done and far gone, so can’t be expected to help me.
But I can help it if it pays attention before it’s too late. No reason for optimism though

UPDATE 29th of May, possibly the last, nothing left to say.
Completed Day #10 of HUNGER STRIKE
I think I’m approaching 50kg.
Ah, there’s a couple of things I’ve achieved already:
If I had 10 #StayHomer lives, I’d trade them for these 10 days.

Finishing this last investigation on Bill Gates in Morocco took a great toll on my energy.
And this is probably the last update on this post.
Not because I’m done right now, but because there’s nothing left to say. If there’s something I missed to say, it’s somewhere on this website anyway. If you have a question, I bet the answer is on the site and you didn’t pay attention.
I only want to see change now. I don’t give a flying F on words. My ears are for music now.
The best I can do is memes, minimal blah, I only need to use the mouse.

sums it up

Morocco announced it will perpetuate the covid lies and the theft of human rights. Announced terms and conditions don’t matter because their word is worthless.
I am a prisoner.
7+ billion people can’t help me since they can’t help themselves.
#StayHomers now riot virtue signalling instead of apologising for enabling this hell.
Me doing this means nothing to anyone, which proves my point.
Hope just went from 0.01% to absolute 0.
This was meant to be a protest and a fight for hope. At this point I’m just looking for any dignified exit of this fucktarded asylum.

The only smile on my face today was put there by none other than Facebook today.

Dang! I managed to trick the bots into approving the sponsored distribution of one of my latest videos and it happens to be the best option, see below.
Communism taught me how to hide the truth in art to avoid censorship.
As of now, I’m open for donations again, because I found a good cause for it: finishing and publicising this late work I’ve done, which seems to become quite appreciated and popular, but only as much as the gatekeepers allow it to reach people. Since they’re suckers for money (still), I can use that as an exploit to spread truth and some of the stuff that’s otherwise shadow-banned. All my money and your donations go there now anyway, they have no other value now.
So there, game over.