The donors page on the Obama Foundation website is currently unlisted, but they must have forgotten to take it down from the server.
I archived it for posterity HERE.
My b-day present.


Aliko Dangote Foundation
The Alphawood Foundation
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Aphorism Foundation
Lynne & Marc R. Benioff
The Bluhm Family Charitable Foundation
Blum-Kovler Foundation/Peter & Judy Kovler
The Boeing Company
Amy & Joshua Boger
The Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation
John & Jacolyn Bucksbaum Family Foundation
The California Endowment
Sonya & Tom Campion
Marcy Carsey
The Chicago Community Trust*
Robert & Jane Clark
Stephen Cloobeck
Colleen & Bradley Bell Charitable Foundation
Ron Conway Family
James Crane & Whitney Wheeler Crane
The Crown Family
Ann & John Doerr
Ray & Dagmar Dolby Family Fund
The Donovan Family
Exelon Corporation
Fred Eychaner
Tony Fernandes
Fidelity Charitable (4)
The Ford Foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The Gibbons Scattone Family Foundation
Scott Miller & Tim Gill
The Goldberg Family Foundation
The John & Marcia Goldman Foundation
Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Kenneth C. Griffin Charitable Gift Fund
Agnes Gund
The Harris Family Foundation
The Hauptman Family Foundation
Health Care Service Corporation
Mel Heifetz
Michelle Yee & Reid Hoffman
Barbara & Amos Hostetter
Andrew Houston
Hutchins Family Foundation
Iger Bay Foundation
Illinois Tool Works
Irving Harris Foundation–Joan Harris
Hamilton & Amabel James
The Jewish Communal Fund
The Joyce Foundation
JP Initiative, LLC
Kapor Center for Social Impact
Masimo Foundation for Ethics, Innovation & Competition in Healthcare
Jonathan & Jeannie Lavine, Trustees
Jeff & Erica Lawson
Ambassador Fay Hartog-Levin & Daniel Levin
The Reginald F. Lewis Family Foundation, Inc.
Hobson/Lucas Family Foundation
John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Joe & Rika Mansueto
Demond & Kia Martin Foundation
McCormick Foundation
Katie McGrath & J.J. Abrams Family Foundation
Microsoft Corporation
Scott Nathan & Laura DeBonis
New York Community Trust
Nike Foundation
President Barack H. Obama & Mrs. Michelle Obama
The Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation
Todd Park & Amy Geng
The Parker Foundation
Polsky Foundation
Jeanne & John Kevin Poorman through JKP Family Foundation
Linda & Richard Price Family Fund
Pritzker Traubert Foundation
Prudential Foundation
Rattner Family Foundation
Rhimes Family Foundation
Richard Paul & Ellen S. Richman Private Family Trust Foundation
Robert & Jane Toll Foundation
Victoria & John Rogers
Rosenthal Family Foundation
Amy & Kirk Rudy
Cari & Michael J. Sacks
Schlosstein Hartley Foundation
Barbara Schmidt
Service Station Foundation*
The Share Fund II at The Tides Foundation*
Beth & David Shaw
Jon & Kimberly Shirley
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Ian Simmons through ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund
Marilyn & Jim Simons
Someland Foundation
Steans Family Foundation
Mrs. Marjorie Susman & Ambassador Louis B. Susman
Sandra & John W. Thompson
Laurie & Jeff Ubben
Evan Williams & Sara Morishige
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
The Anne Wojcicki Foundation (YouTube CEO sister, Google owner partner and ex-wife)
Kate Capshaw & Steven Spielberg’s The Wunderkinder Foundation
Wayne Jordan & Quinn Delaney
Mary & Jeffrey Zients
Robert & Carol Wolf Family Foundation

$500,001 to $999,999

Cindy & Alan Horn
Jill & Avram Glazer

$250,001 to $500,000

Ms. Patricia Passmore Alley
The Atlantic Philanthropies*
James & Mary Bell
Mark Bergman & Susan Gibson
The Brin Wojcicki Foundation (Same Google love triangle as above)
Vinton Cerf & Sigrid Cerf
Christine & John Bakalar Charitable Fund
Tim Collins
Lester, Chanel, & Javon Coney
Don & Anne Edwards Charitable Fund
Dr. Felice Frankel
Connie & Sankey Williams
The Jewish Communal Fund
Nicholas & Monica Logothetis
The Philip & Tammy Murphy Family Foundation
Alison & Mark Pincus
Kim & Nicholas Romano
Dona & Sam Scott Foundation
John Shulman & Alison Bernstein Shulman
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Barbara Stiefel

$100,001 to $250,000

The Alter Group
Michael & Ellen Alter
Anne & Bruce Strohm Family Giving Fund
Jay Kriz Blahnik & Ryan Kriz Blahnik+
Jedd & Dara Canty
Edward & Paula Fearon
FedEx Corporation
Fisher Family Foundation
Jason & Crystal Goldman
Brett J. Hart & Dontrey Britt-Hart
Ambassador Bruce Heyman & Vicki Heyman*
Horowitz Family Foundation
Ambassador Ronald Kirk & Mrs. Matrice Ellis-Kirk
Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation, Charles Ashby Lewis & Penny Bender Sebring
Lisa Stone Pritzker Family Foundation*
Edward & Paula Hughes
Pamela & William Hurley
Karla Jurvetson
Tom Kartsotis
The Kresge Foundation
Minow Family Foundation
Thomas Nides & Virginia Moseley
Gilbert Omenn & Martha Darling
Ulice Payne, Jr.
The Rockhaven Charitable Fund
Skoll Foundation
Stripe, Inc.
Andrew Tobias
Ranvir & Adarsh Trehan/Trehan Foundation
The San Francisco 49ers
Kevin Xu
The University of Chicago
The Rumi Foundation
Aaron & Ana Zamost

$10,000 to $100,000

Jim & Wendy Abrams
Rona & Jeffrey Abramson
Marcie & Nick Alexos
Jack Alotto
Alpenglow Foundation
A.L. Mailman Family Foundation
Melissa Alvarado*
AMC Networks*
Amy & Michael Tiemann Charitable Gift Fund
The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation, Inc.
John Atkinson & Bonnie Atkinson
Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity at Columbia University
Priya V. Balakrishnan
Rye Barcott
Charles Barkley
Baskin Family Foundation
Corinne Anne Basler
Bob Baxley*
Big Win Philanthropy
Dr. Anita Blanchard & Martin Nesbitt
John Boiler & Kari Boiler
Pamela Bass-Bookey & Harry Bookey
Andrew & Ellen Bradley
Brayton Family Charitable Fund
Douglas & Teresa Brown
John & Carla Brozovich
Burch Giving Fund
Dwight & Antoinette Bush
Calendly LLC*
Casey Family Programs
Beverly Castleberry
Christine Chang
The Cheka Fund at The Miami Foundation*
Lila Cherri
Chuck Lorre Family Foundation
James Clark
Craig Newmark Philanthropies
Jesse Crowe
The Patricia Crown Family
Stephen & Ayesha Curry Family Foundation
Beverly Dale
Gilbert Omenn & Martha Darling
Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag
Michael Donaghue
Jackie Brown Duncan
Judith Estrin
The Fine & Greenwald Foundation
Paul & Mary Finnegan
Franklin & Marshall College
Dave Free*
Eiichi Fukushima
Drs. Helene D. Gayle & Stephen N. Keith
Steve & Lisa Gerber
Robert & Susan Glovsky Fund
The Goolsbee Family
Mark Gordon
Barbara Grasseschi & Anthony Crabb
Anastasia Greene*
GRoW @ Annenberg
Hamlin Kurihara Fund
Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Megan Holmes
Estate of Nancy Hom
John Hynes
Inner Loop Capital*
Jack & Jill of America Foundation, Inc.
Kenneth & Lisa Jackson
Paul & Catherine Jefferys Fund
Luci Baines Johnson
Debbie Johnston Charitable Gift Fund*
Heather Jones
Manju Karkare & Jayant Khadilkar
Kate Somerville Skincare LLC*
John & Jennifer Kelly*
John Lamonica
Lawrence Z. & Jaqueline A. Stern Foundation
Rodney & Sue Lee
Jane A. Lehman & Alan G. Lehman Foundation
John & Jill Levi
Leslie Lewis
Mr. Jeremy Liew & Ms. Ranee Lan
The Lostand Foundation
Susan Lubetkin
Joseph Macari
Marin Community Foundation
Jane & Richard Mescon
Weston Milliken
The MJK Family Foundation
Robert Rivkin & Cindy Moelis
The Museum of Ice Cream on Behalf of AlunaGeorge
Nancy E. Myers
The National Association of Basketball Coaches Foundation
The Nayar Family Foundation
NBA Players Association Foundation
Doris J. Newton
Marti Noxon*
The Oakland Athletics
The Opportunity Fund
Ambassador Robert & Mitsuko Orr
Peter Orzsag
Pamela Valinet Charitable
Mary & David Peirce*
Penny Norman Trust
Carol & David Pensky
Kathryn Petit
Mr. Anh Pham
The Phillips Family
Hasmit Popat
Lauri Altman Posner & Brian Posner*
Kevin Quail
Thomas & Sheila Rabaut
Revada Foundation
The Revlis Foundation
The Friedman Family
Georgina T. Russo
Juan Sabater
Mrs. Bettylu Saltzman & Dr. Paul Saltzman
Shiva Sarram & Drew Pearson*
Mr. Andrew Schapiro & Ms. Tamar Newberger
Margaret Schink
Segal Family Foundation
Eugene Sepulveda & Steven Tomlinson
Mary & Charles Sethness Charitable Foundation
Susan D. Shenk*
Ruth Simmons
Diane Meyer Simon
Simply Southern*
Charles Smith
Hortense Snower
Ken & Lissa Solomon
Neil & Carla Subin*
Suvoda LLC*
Suggs Family Foundation
Susan Sher & Neil Cohen Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation
Chade-Meng Tan
Pedro Torres-Mackie
Craig Troyer
Jeremy Tworek
Under Armour, Inc*
Christopher P. Valenti Charitable Fund
Glen de Vries*
Lester Ward Giving Account
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz*
Warner/Roback Family Fund*
Weinberg-Newton Family Foundation
Sherrie & David Westin
The Wildbasil Fund
Jae Yu*
Barry & Lisa Zimmermann*
Bruce Carbonari*

* Donors who have made new cash contributions or formalized written commitments between April 1 – June 30, 2020.
+ Donors who have included the Obama Foundation in their estate plans.

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To be continued?
Our work and existence, as media and people, is funded solely by our most generous readers and we want to keep this way.
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Funnier than the meme is the fact that this used to be a profile pic for a troll


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More to come, just started to get things organised

To be continued?
Our work and existence, as media and people, is funded solely by our most generous readers and we want to keep this way.
Help survive and grow, please donate here, anything helps. Thank you!

! Articles can always be subject of later editing as a way of perfecting them