On my birthdays, I used to treat the world with free music / art, back in the previous regime.
But that regime has changed, so I changed.

At least my cookies are real, I sell them by the dozen

This year, I created a new merch collection which I make available at no charge from my side, only the manufacturers/distributors need paid. Just like I did with facemasks, I waived my profit share from the price.

I am both a prisoner and a refugee, somewhere in Morocco, separated from my family, my aspirations and everything I love by the new global(ist) regime.
I’ve never obeyed, bowed, or put a Covid mask on my face.

All the abominations in history have been made possible by obedience.

So, on my 45th b-day, maybe my last, my main message is simple.

Browse and enjoy a wide range of DEFY products in OUR SHOP.



Many many thanks for all the support, it gave me just enough motivation to wake up every morning and do this and make it to here!

To be continued?
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! Articles can always be subject of later editing as a way of perfecting them

Sometimes my memes are 3D. And you can own them. Or send them to someone.
You can even eat some of them.