The missing PDF on the website has been found and it supports the website statement!

Most of our habitual readers have already seen this post’s cover image and, probably, the web page it depicts. It’s been making rounds on the Internet for quite a few days now.
Some of you have been thinking just like myself until recently: it’s a case of Bidementia – a Joe Biden kind of slip.

I suspect much less people have seen the contents of that PDF document linked there, but deleted at the time they found the page. “Page reviewed 10 March 2021”

Here you have it for direct download, via the same that helped with the previous report

As you can see, the word “poison” in that headline was no accident, it’s being repeated twice in the PDF document.

The document comes with a brochure that’s made for a large audience, so no surprise it doesn’t mention poisons.
But the authorization mentions the Australian Public Health Act of 2016, which contains this:



So I’ve just bet my toe this is authentic and I won again. I’m used to it.

My advice was: Do your own careful assessment, and this time don’t make it definitive until we have more definitive information.

I got that definitive info.

I reminded you that governments around the world have often authorized themselves to do the most incredible atrocities. Many of them are exposed on this website and its extensions. That part stays:

To be continued?
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