So, is this the world you guys plan to live in?
Nazis are babies next to covidiots and you might be next in line. Not to have my fate, but to have this poor man’s fate…

Poor people get ‘terminated’ by medical assassins, then their partners in crime terminate any witnesses and whistleblowers. This seems to be the new business and social model.
Our site is crippled again because YouTube terminated our second channel, without any possibility of appeal or anything. Ten minutes after the upload it was down.
Just please watch the 100 seconds that triggered the Googlag mass-murderers so much and think for yourself!

Sorry for the site being incomplete again, we’re too poor to afford enough server space and our host, WordPress, only embeds censored platforms, but most articles should hold even without the video support. Most videos are already backed up on Odysee, Brighteon and Bitchute, I just can’t embed them here.
We’re not done, just a bit hurt, but we’re exhausted of energy and resources, a lot is going out, very little coming in.
Most exhausting is, though, watching people still feeding and collaborating with their Nemesis.

BTW, if you’re new here, you’ll be amazed what you find if you input “youtube” in our ‘search’ box!

I still have some scattered back-ups and I’m going to make more and keep red-pilling YouTubers. Help, if you will, preaching only to the choir is not that efficient.

To be continued?
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