…the government. In any country ever.
Competed only by Pharmafia, for the past hundred years.
Almost every death is premature because of them.
And there’s one more plot twist.

by Silviu Costinescu


The most superficial or the deepest study of the most mainstream or most alternative history, any official statistics, they all reveal this; and a simple observation of the world outside our heads confirms it. I just added 1 and 1. I can’t anticipate any factual and rational argument against these notes above. If it comes, I’ll address it, maybe even in an edit to this article.
I just hope you realize I’m not talking only gun death. Murder is murder, regardless the weapon.
Remember this for later.
Now, for the people who like to zoom in once they got the big picture…

I have a good tip

I found it recently and I’m currently digging in. And I’m not saying to embrace this book with everything in it, not at all, it just seems a good start and middle ground for discussions and learning, as it’s coming from the establishment, so establishment dupes can’t argue it. But I will actually make an argument (out of many) against it.

“Death by Government” is a compelling look at the horrors that occur in modern societies. It depicts how democide has been very much a part of human history. Among other examples, the book includes the massacre of Europeans during the Thirty Years’ War, the relatively unknown genocide of the French Revolution, and the slaughtering of American Indians by colonists in the New World. This riveting account is an essential tool for historians, political scientists, and scholars interested in the study of genocide.

Book Depository

The author is R. J. Rummel , Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Hawaii, who has dedicated his entire career to this topic – lethal governance. He received numerous grants from NSF, ARPA, and the United States Peace Research Institute. Frequently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Received the Susan Strange Award of the International Studies Association for having intellectually most challenged the field in 1999; the Lifetime Achievement Award 2003 from the Conflict Processes Section, American Political Science Association; and the 2007 The International Association of Genocide Scholars’ Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contribution to the Field of Genocide and Democide Studies and Prevention.
So he’s on the payroll for the US Government and a homey for the political establishment, if you’re a frequent buyer of the official narrative, Rummel is it. Of course, with such privileges, there’s always bias. If you can see through it, you can learn more than if you don’t, but either way you learn.


Coming from a US Government mouthpiece, you can expect the book to be filled with their type of propaganda and misinformation, but if the work seems more balanced in its body, it’s precisely to earn your trust and sell you a twisted conclusion and solution.

What has kept me at this was the belief, as preliminary research seemed to suggest, that there was a positive solution to all this killing and a clear course of political action and policy to end it. And the results verify this. The problem is Power. The solution is democracy. The course of action is to foster freedom.

R J Rummel

He bases his belief in democracy on war statistics, gun and violent death statistics and such, from which he draws the conclusion that democracies foster less death.

Aaandd that’s where you’re wrong, buddy!

Nevermind the fact that Rummel’s favorite democracy, the one that pays him to write these things, has been at war most of its history.
Nevermind that democracy is not freedom, quite the opposite, it’s the dictatorship of majority over minorities; and that majority is usually dumb, ignorant, easy to manipulate by a few super-rich psychos and their generals.
And I could go on, but I’ll skip right to the main point:

There’s 99millions way to die, and he’s covered less than ten.
And the government has a hand in 99% of these ways.

From Physicians Weekly

Maybe I forgot a couple, but there’s basically only one governmental measure I can remember that drastically increased the lifespan of populations: the push for better sanitation and water access in some places, not long ago. And even then, governments usually ran various parallel actions of population-culling, to make sure all this health won’t make the livestock explode beyond their means of control.
Overall, government activity leads to more premature death than to an increased life expectation. Whatever they did fine could’ve been done better at the moment, with the resources available. The difference amounts to years of life for the average Joe.
The government can be associated with, but rarely can be proven to cause more life than death.
Look all you want, you won’t find many exceptions from the general rule I presented in this article. And all those exceptions will sum up to a tiny fraction of all the human experience since people started to outsource self-governance, at gun-point usually.

If you are to start a mass-murderer hunt, in the light of some TV programming, start with the biggest!

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