I’ve been awarded a little shiny stripe in the info war and I am humbled

At least this is how I receive this post on the World Doctors Alliance website linking to our work. It’s quite a medal of honor to me.

I can never fully trust an MD because I know the roads to those diplomas are paved with lies and often with human suffering, if not death. By the time you earn your stripes as an MD, if you don’t get appalled with the lies and their consequences, something is broken in you and that makes you untrustworthy.

However, during the Plandemic, these doctors stood out morally, principally and in actions, often much above some of the fellow truthers. They became essential pillars of the Resistance. If it wasn’t for them counter-balancing the propaganda like real mf-ing science bad-asses, we would’ve been in a much worse place now, or no place at all.

Before I reconcile internally these two sides of the situation, I have to bow for this little thing that I hope helps everyone, but definitely makes me very proud and happy.

I wrote this post to boast (of course, I’m not even trying to hide it), to show gratefulness, and, not lastly, to entice more people to discover more of the knowledge I brought to light, with a lot of work and sacrifices that I never mention, but just look at the volume of work in the past year!

Thank you too, each and everyone who has ever contributed a little something, I don’t have many satisfactions left available under the new regime, but this one did it!

Now Imma rest just a bit and you rest assured the upcoming report here is going to reward your attention biiiig time! Oh boy! Stay tuned!

To be continued?
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