EU’s woke Führer Ursula von der Leyen descends from Nazis and slave-owners

What if I told you one of her ancestors played a key role in the American Civil War, more precisely in the slave-owners camp?

The Nazi roots

Nazi Roots of EU’s Führer Ursula von der Leyen

by Finian Cunningham / Strategic Culture / March 20, 2023

Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president, has some disturbing skeletons in her family wardrobe.

Her political roots in Nazi Germany account for the insane war-driven agenda of the European Union toward Russia under her stewardship and her total subservience to the U.S. imperialist objective to defeat Moscow.

Author Evan Reif explains how her politician-father Ernst Albrecht packed his regional government with unreconstructed Nazis and former Wehrmacht officers when he was governor of Lower Saxony in the 1980s.

Ursula von der Leyen’s family derived much of its industrial wealth from working closely with Hitler’s Third Reich. Her aristocratic family was also married into slave-owning cotton planters in the American South.

That legacy of inherited wealth not only benefited Ursula’s elite education but also her precocious rise in German politics. She became the German defense minister from 2013-2019 despite having no formal background in the military. Under her watch, the German army was massively rearmed and she also became mired in corruption scandals.

At the end of 2019, she was appointed President of the European Commission, the top political post in the European Union. This was done without a vote from the German parliament such was the lack of confidence in her eligibility.

She has spearheaded the US-led NATO proxy war in Ukraine against Russia with remarkably hawkish anti-Russian rhetoric. Her zeal for pursuing hostility toward Russia is consistent with the Nazi ideology her father indulged in.

Ursula von der Leyen has shown an astounding “ability” to “fail upwards”, as Evan Reif wryly points out. The only explanation for such undue political ascent despite her incompetence, plagiarism, and corruption, is the help of a powerful network – the transatlantic U.S.-led NATO alliance and its intelligence agencies.

The disturbing upshot is that Europe is being led into a disastrous war against Russia in the service of US-European imperialism – euphemistically called “Western values” – by a person who is a scion of Nazi legacy and politics and who does not have a democratic mandate.

Eight decades after the end of World War II and the defeat of Hitler’s Third Reich, the imperialist objective of conquering Russia is alive again. Should we be surprised though, when we look at the odious political background of the European Commission’s president?

Joachim Freiherr von der Leyen

Source: German Wikipedia, Google-translated

Joachim Freiherr von der Leyen (* 28. September 1897 in House seaBüderich ( Meerbusch ); † 1945 in Dresden) was a German lawyer and Administrative officer, the one in the National Socialism period as District Administrator in the occupied countries Czechoslovakia and Poland active and as District captain of Galicia District at the organization of the Holocaust was involved.

The SS Galicia Division enrolled many Ukrainians and garnered a lot of popular support in Ukraine
Ukrainian poster hailing the SS Galicia Division as “heroes”

Von der Leyen comes from the family of Krefeld Silk barons from the Leyen. His father Friedrich Ludwig von der Leyen was as Mayor from Büderich and District Administrator of Neuß district worked and lived with the castle with his family House sea until his death in 1945.

Von der Leyen was a war participant in the First World War and from 1919 to 1920 a member of one Freikorps. He was a member of the Young German Order and from 1926 to 1933 in Stahlhelm, fret of front soldiers. The NSDAP he entered on the 1st. February 1940 at.[ 1 ]

He studied Law and passed the first state examination in 1926, on 22. December 1928 then the major state law examination. In 1933 he was the permanent representative of the Police chief in Uerdingen and from April 1934 at Police headquarters in Wuppertal. After the Smashing the rest of the Czech Republic he became provisional senior district administrator in Deutschbrod district, Seat in German brod in Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and was after the Occupation of France to head the administrative department of the military administrative district OFK 591 in Saint-Germain-en-Layecalled.

At the end of July 1942, he succeeded him Otto Bauer to the district captain in Lemberg-Land district in the Galician district, who was the district governor there Otto Wächter. Bauer remained head of the district’s internal administration. Berthold Pütter, the district captain of Lemberg Grodek, was to Wehrmacht moved in, the district administration had been merged with Lemberg-Land.

As with a number of other district captains, it is proven that the Leyen had informed about the Jewish actions in advance.[ 2 ]

He should after that Air raid on Dresden at a Gas poisoning have died.

Von der Leyen was only briefly head of his Knights been. His widow Huberta von der Leyen headed the company, which his son Friedrich Heinrich von der Leyen II took over in 1970.


Ernst + Ursula = Love

Celle Hole

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Celle Hole (GermanCeller Loch) was a breach in the outer wall of the prison of CelleGermany. First used on July 25, 1978, the name was part of a campaign by one of the West German secret services (Landesbehörde für Verfassungsschutz) and the GSG 9 in an attempt to lay blame on the Red Army Faction, West Germany’s most active and prominent left-wing terrorist group. However, the incident was revealed in 1986 to be a plot by the government, a false flag operation, much to the embarrassment of the government. The Verfassungsschutz used the name ‘Operation Fire Magic’ (GermanAktion Feuerzauber).

The secret services used a stolen Mercedes-Benz SL (R107), driven by two criminals named Klaus-Dieter Loudil and Manfred Berger who were recruited by the secret services. In the car were forged passports, one of them with a photograph of Sigurd Debus. Serial numbers of the passports showed that they were stolen from German authorities. Mr. Debus was an inmate in the Celle prison. He was considered as a Red Army Faction terrorist suspect. Some tools to be used for a prison escape attempt were brought secretly to Debus’ prison cell by the secret services.

The action should have had taken place one night earlier when twelve secret service officers, one GSG 9 demolition squad officer and Jürgen Wiehe, a civil servant in the Ministry of the Interior of the state of Lower Saxony, waited for the right moment to detonate the bomb on July 24. But they had to interrupt the action since two lovers coming from the nearby funfair entered the danger area. So the action was deferred.

On July 25, 1978, at 2.54 a.m., the bomb was detonated at the outer prison wall, but caused minor damage. No inmate was able to escape. The Mercedes was later caught in Salzgitter (80 km away) in a police roadblock, with the driver having already escaped. The false passports and some ammunition were found in the car.

In Celle, a 1.5 square meter hole, named the Celle Hole (Celler Loch), was left in the outer prison wall. A handgun, model Walther PPK 7.65, which was the official pistol of one of the secret service officers, as well as a rubber dinghy, were found. The Celle prison is situated close to the bank of the river Aller. After the detonation, Debus’ conditions of detention were aggravated “for security reasons”. The secret service had planted escape tools into Debus’ cell, which were found in the search after the attack, and was supposed to prove Debus’ participation. Hence, the detainee started a hunger strike as a protest against this. Sigurd Debus died on April 16, 1981 shortly before the scheduled date of his discharge from prison

Ernst Albrecht testified before the eleventh committee of inquiry of the parliament, which is to clarify the background of the explosives attack on the Celler prison staged by the Lower Saxony Constitutional Protection on 25 July 1978. Albrecht testified for two and a half hours, since then it has been established that his government statement on the “Celler Loch” and a later government report are not in agreement.

Die Zeit, 06/12/1987

So it’s safe to say false flags run in the family there:

The devil is in the details
Source: The Guardian
Nazis an Jews owe each other their modern existence and perpetuity, contrary to the popular belief that they are mutually exclusive.
If Jews often paint swastikas on their own doors it’s because they can’t find a Nazi to do the manual labor for them. Bourla found one.

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