BREAKING! YouTube deletes our channel over Lockstep video. But I think it’s deeper than that

So this is where they drew the line, they say, at this old Lockstep Scenario story, and the original video is still up…
There were probably 2000 videos more scandalous than that on our channel.
You know what, if they say so, it’s usually not so. I learned that the practical way.

This above is why they say they deleted our YouTube account, three separate channels, close to 2.5k videos, I think…

I can’t give you all the detailed account now, but a succession of strikes and events between two YT channels actually points at something else being the sensitive point.
The Lockstep video has been up for a while, the deletion came right after I finished uploading videos on Mao’s Jewish top advisors.

Coincidentally, those videos are also the reason why our back-up channel got its last strike.

Rockefeller’s Lockstep Scenario stopped being a secret or a bombshell after all the exposure last year, I had other videos on it, plenty of other people do.
This below is still one of the biggest secrets hidden in plain sight (soon just hidden), with much less exposure than Lockstep, and we’ve never touched on it before:


So I can’t claim I can disprove YouTube’s claim, as un-based as ever anyway, but I can’t believe it either, knowing what I know.
I much stronger believe the Jewish involvement in most communist regimes itches the Jewish ownership and management at the top of YouTube / Google / Alphabet really badly. But not as bad as our coming revelations on their involvement in the Transatlantic slave trade. Ooops!

As always, I recommend trusting no one, doing your own research and reaching your own conclusions.

I think both issues equally deserve maximum exposure, Stalinist censorship being the third dimension actually.
If you want to help us, yourself, the next generations… there’s a few things you can do quite effortlessly, and you already know it, but for a quick reminder:
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3. Always vote with your clicks, your money, your words, every breathe you take, every move you make, at least until we extirpate the cancer and heal the wounds.

Thank you!
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To be continued?
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